Charlie specializes in all aspects of estate planning, probate, trust law, conservatorships, and related tax issues. He can help you – individuals, couples, and families, traditional or modern – with adoptions and with guardianships, with powers of attorney and property declarations, with spousal property petitions and with joint tenancy terminations. He can help you with real estate and title questions, with questions about rights of adjoining landowners. He can help you with more – just ask.

If you have a legal concern that Charlie cannot address, he can connect you with someone who can. Over the past thirty years, Charlie has developed a network of capable professionals (accountants, financial advisors, real estate professionals, title officers, lawyers in other specialties) who share the same values as he does: the importance of service to their clients as the focus of attention. There is no shortage of lawyers who can do a fine job drafting a will or guiding an estate through probate. There is a shortage of lawyers who recognize that, while they may have the expertise, they work for you, the client.

The law, lawyers, courts and judges, all have an impact on a client's emotional and relational, as well as fiscal, life. Nowhere is that impact more acute than in these areas of the law.

The concept of therapeutic jurisprudence is the study and practice of law as a healing agent. It seeks to humanize the law by addressing not only the traditional aspects of lawyering, but also the emotional and psychological impact of law and the legal process on clients.

As long as justice and due process are respected, as long as the estate gets probated, Charlie believes that lawyers must do what they can to limit the negative impacts of lawyering. This allows him to look at the law in a richer way, and to bring this awareness into the day to day practice of law, with each of his clients.